Sprott-Shaw President and CEO Dean Dupperon

Sprott-Shaw President and CEO Dean Dupperon

A Canadian university is offering scholarship worth RM354,609.92 (C$100,000) to anyone, seriously.

All you need to do is send in a 60-90 second video via the Internet outlining “what I would do with a degree/ diploma from Sprott-Shaw College” according to Malay Mail.

The innovative philanthropic program, Class Act Canada, offers a prize of an all expense paid degree or diploma course at Sprott-Shaw College, the 106-year-old institution with campuses in Canada, Jordan, India, China and Vietnam.

“I also really hope that we can help some kids from Malaysia through Class Act Canada,” he told the Malay Mail, which has partnered with Class Act Canada to offer its readers this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The top 100 applicant finalists will be identified through a process of online public voting. A second round of public voting will then select the top twenty vote getters.

Audio clips of the same length, or a written submission in English of no more than 200 words, with pictures will also be accepted.

A third round of voting will rank the top twenty.

Judges will then select the top ten Class Act Champions.

The ten deserving students from Canada and around the globe will be awarded an all-expense paid education at a Sprott-Shaw Community College campus in British Columbia, Canada, valued at C$100,000 per scholarship.

Further information and entry details available at classactcanada.com