I was going through Bintulu.Org for quite a while and I do realize there’s a column which has not been updated for quite some time. And it’s Youth Takes, a column entrusted to me by the site’s administrator.

It is not that I have been so caught up with my responsibilities. It is not that I’ve got other “more important” to do. It’s something that many writers overcome, the infamous “Writer’s Block”.

For weeks I have been thinking of what to write about that would interest my readers. My topic? Youth. A very general topic with a lot of things to write about. A lot of ideas sprang to mind, yet, I was unable to write about anything.

It is impossible for one to say “There is nothing to write about”. It’s like Starbucks closing down because their out of hot water to make their popular coffee. Impossible.

One of the reason behind this problem is that I’m having a lot of trouble in choosing on what to write about. I have a list of ideas written in my notebook or floating around in my picks but I can’t pick one just like that. I would often throw myselfwith barrage of questions that would slowly be an impediment for me to write. One question that always messed with my mind is “Would people enjoy what you read?”. I wasn’t confident about myself.

Many times I have sat in front of the computer with an interesting topic. I felt exhilarated and I was sure that my readers would enjoy my topic, but the moment I came to thinking bout “How to start?”, my mind would go void. I would stare blankly at the computer and the end result? My writing ended before it even started. My engine died before I got to leave the kiosk station.

In fact there are many things to talk about the mysterious world of the youth. Fashion, studies, their past time activities, maybe even the places they like to go. Or I could just write about why some youths accustomed to many different style of life.

So, until I find the best to overcome the barrier of enjoying freedom of speech – bear in mind there is always a barrier in freedom of speech – I’m going to indulge myself with seemingly humorous yet entertaining lifestyle of the vast world of youth.

Photo: Heather Evans Smith