President Barack Obama may only been elected as president of United States for less than a year, but his popularity expanded beyond the US shores.

Here in Bintulu shop-keepers still making a brisk sale of merchandise related to the US president.

“Dulu lagi bagus, saya boleh jual banyak. Sekarang ada kurang sikit,” or ” Sale then was quiet good, I sell a lot. Now a little bit slow” a shop-owner said when asked about Obama t-shirt she’s selling.


Jokingly I told her – why not print Najib t-shirt or key-chains it might be selling even better than the Obama t-shirt.

Back at home president Obama popularity may have been gradually fading. But almost everyone I randomly chatted with around Bintulu town yesterday know who is president Obama. He is probably much more popular than Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak.