The hijacking was the first in Mexico for decades.

The hijacking was the first in Mexico for decades.

Pilots reported the mid-air hijacking after taking off from the resort of Cancun bound for Mexico City, the country’s transport minister Juan Molinar said.

There were a total of 112 people on board AeroMexico Flight 576 including Mexicans, Americans and French, according to a US official in Washington.

Nine men were reportedly detained after the jet was stormed, El Universal said.

The alleged hijackers reportedly had explosives strapped to their legs and were demanding to talk to Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

They released all the passengers soon after the plane landed in Mexico City.

The passengers left with their hand luggage. They appeared calm and boarded nearby buses.

But the plane’s crew were still being held hostage before special forces moved in and made the arrests.

Nobody was hurt and no shots were fired, it is understood.

Mr Molinar said: “The passengers are safe. There was no bomb.”

However, some passengers said one of the hijackers held a package that resembled an explosive device.

One of the passengers, Adriana Romero, told Mexican TV she had not realised the flight had been hijacked until the plane landed at Mexico City.

“We realised it was a hijack when we saw the police trucks,” she said.

El Universal said the men had not been able to get inside the plane’s cockpit.