Every second of your life is so precious - live it to the fullest. (Photo: Zakaria Shahid)

Every second of your life is so precious - live it to the fullest. (Photo: Zakaria Shahid)

It’s amazing how your perspective towards life can change in an instant. Yesterday can have a different reason than yesterday’s tomorrow.

Sometimes you just sit down, accompanied by the whispers of the wind, and reflect on your reason for living. Though it may vary and there are many factors to consider such as neighbourhood, spiritual upbringing or financial current financial state.

Sometimes you get the contented feeling overwhelming you and there’s nothing that can drag you away from your comfort zone. You are tied down to the serenity of life that you decide that there’s nothing more for you to do in this world. Not that I meant you want kick the bucket, but you just want to escape from every hustle and bustle in your life.

Sometimes you just wish you have more jobs to do, more pounds of sweat to drop. More work to keep occupied in lieu of sulking in boredom all day long.

Sometimes we do feel that we have found the purpose of our life. Be it your occupation, hobby or even a person, you’ll catch yourself saying “This is the reason I’m here”. So then you will tell yourself that you will leave no stone unturned until you reach that goal of yours. Once you reached to the top of the mountain, you will congratulate yourself with a brilliant smile, knowing that is what you wanted.

Sometimes you just want to be led by people. To be told what to do because you have no idea what your purpose is. Some may not want to bother to try climbing the mountain cause they “know” they will never make it to the top.

Sometimes you just lie down in bed and dream of your dream house. Some may want to live in a mansion in the sky, overlooking the people on the earth. Some may just want to live in a little cabin in the woods, away from the hectic society. You lay relaxed and flow in your own enticing imagination and you’ll forget about every trouble you have in this world.

But a single moment in life can change all of that. A single act in life can make you regret the decision you make. Only a second in life can make you lose control of your emotions. Even a single word can knock your dreams off and cause it to be in rubble in front of you.

There could be a person too that will change your life for the worse or for the better; some unlucky ones may experience both the good and bad.

What do we do when everything is disrupted? In my opinion, there are only two choices to be made :
– To start all over again ; or
– To start something new.

If you feel that you still have that will in you, that invigorated spirit, you would choose option one. But for those who have been smacked with endless disappointment would definitely choose option 2. Although some sad chap whose energy had been sapped out  may may have to resort to option 2 a billion times.

And for those who do wish to decide on these two options, they will resort to an alternative “3rd option” which may lead to “unwanted circumstances”. To people who are feels that way remember that the person who wrote this is concerned about you; even though I’ve never met you, and there are many people who shares this feelings with me; or you if you know people who are already in this level, make them feel wanted and loved instead of telling them how stupid they are.