Video footages showing Mr Baveja bungee jumping goes wrong.

Video footages showing Mr Baveja bungee jumping goes wrong.

Mr Baveja, a Cambridge graduate from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, spent a month in a Bangkok hospital in Thailand after suffering a ruptured spleen, torn liver, collapsed lungs and serious bruising. (Watch video footage)

But doctors were “staggered” he survived at all after the harness around his feet worked free during the jump, meaning he continued accelerating until he hit the surface of the lagoon at the Jungle Bungy centre in Kathu, on Phuket island.

Mr Baveja was able to take the impact of the landing on his chest, meaning he avoided serious head damage. Doctors compared his injuries to those of a car crash victim.

He told the Daily Mail: “All the doctors were staggered that I lived. I’m very lucky. If I had landed head first I would be brain damaged, or dead.

“I knew the jump would be scary but I didn’t think it was dangerous. I had a long phone conversation with my mum telling her it was safe.

“She only believed me when I told her that the website of the jump centre claimed it had a 100 per cent safety record. I didn’t need to do that jump. I wish I hadn’t.”

Mr Baveja, who was in Phuket on a month-long holiday to celebrate graduating with a 2:2 degree in engineering, had to have his spleen removed as a result of his injuries.

A video of the jump records him crying out just before his impact with the water, while an instructor seems to say “Oh” when he realises what has happened.

The tourist, who paid £50 for the jump, said he had no idea how the harness came loose, but that he would not sue the operator because there would be little chance of him succeeding.