With billions in cost overruns and unpaid loans, Malaysia’s Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) is a mega venture gone wrong. 101 East investigates a billion dollar land scandal linked to an international free trade zone of Malaysia’s main port.

Watch Aljazeera interviewing Prof. James Chin, Kuala Dimensi Deputy Chief Executive, Faizal Abdullah, Ramon Navaratnam, Ronnie Liu, Nur Jazlan Mohamed and Charles Santiago.

Aljazeera – PKFZ land scam part 1

Aljazeera – PKFZ land scam part 2

“It’s a game that one player seems to win all the time.”

“The taxpayers always loss and the sum involved are staggering.”

“A project cost meant to be US$600, had spiral up to US$2.0 billion some forecast it could end up costing 3.5 billion, that’s US$140 for every single Malaysians,” said Hywel Davies of Aljazeera.