Oil palm and conservations? “Shall we do both”, said to Rob Stuebing – who personally involved in helping an oil palm company in Indonesia to implement the idea.

Rob Stuebing, Biologist & Conservationist

Rob Stuebing, Biologist & Conservationist

PT. REA Kaltim Plantations, a medium-sized oil palm company located in the Mahakam Basin of East Kalimantan, Indonesia had planted about 26,000 hectares of its land with oil palm and set aside 19.5% for the conservation of biodiversity, according to Stuebing.

Stuebing, a conservationist and herpetologist has published a number of scientific papers on small mammals, frogs, snakes, and crocodiles, as well as two field guides (with Robert F. Inger) on the frogs, and the snakes of Borneo.

Rob Stuebing arrived in Malaysia as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1973, and in early 1974 began teaching vertebrate biology, ecology and systematics at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), and subsequently in UPM-Serdang and UKM-Sabah, for about 20 years.

This Saturday, 7 November he will be giving free talk on oil palm plantation and conservations at New World Suites, Bintulu from 2-4pm, organised by Nature Science Society, Bintulu Branch.