Education is an important tool if one wishes to succeed in life. However, there are many unfortunate students who never have the opportunity to finish school. There are several factors which cause this setback.

Firstly, there are many students who live in poverty and therefore, cannot afford to finish their school. These students are deprived of receiving education because of the dire financial state they are in. Those who are from rural areas are more prone to face these problems. It is difficult for their parents to meet up with the school fees and support their life necessity at the same time.

Financial problem is a major factor reason why many students are left out from schooling. In this modern world, almost everything requires money and education is one of them. The money is needed to buy school uniforms, stationeries, and text books which do not come cheap. It is when facing financial burdens that some students are forced to stop schooling just to help their family to earn enough bread and butter.

The second reason to why this happened is there are students who are facing serious family problems. Cases such as parents divorce, death in the family, or serious financial crisis may have psychological effects on student are still schooling. These are students who will soon be morally deprived because of the situation such as divorced parents. They feel they are to blame for such cases and eventually they would be disturbed emotionally and also spiritually.

Slowly, they would start to lose faith in living and choose to be rebellious instead. Some would end up taking drug or play truant. Apart from that, these students may turn to the dark side of life, which may include being a gangster and getting involved in other criminal acts. It is these type of involvements that may lead them being expelled from school because they could obey the school rules. Students who are expelled and do not turn over a new leaf would not be able to enter school again.

Nonetheless, if this problem is looked into seriously, there are ways to overcome it. One of the ways is to help those who are living in poverty by offering free education. The government has the role to implement this by building more schools and assign teachers to areas that are deprived of education. Teachers who are willing to work pro-bono should also help out in dealing with these problems.

The government, and also other organizations who are willing, can offer scholarships to poor students to help them to buy all the schooling necessities such as school uniforms. Poor students in urban areas should also be taken into account.

The government should have a policy on “Education for evryone’ where every child gets to receive education without having to worry about their financial state and this must be carried out with a well –planned strategy.

Parents too, play important roles in moulding their children’s behavior. Since young, their children should be exposed to the pleasures of learning and the importance of education in their life. With this advice and care take root in their being, they would surely grow up to be fond of education and realize the benefits of being well-educated.

Parents should portray a good example as children are prone to follow their parents’ footsteps. A strong family bond is a major factor in children’s emotional and spiritual development. As the two saying go, ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ and ‘blood is thicker than water’.

In conclusion, everyone should receive education. It is highly imperative if one wishes to succeed in life. Everyone should help in achieving the dreams of our children, our future.