The end of the world as depicted in doomsday movie '2012'.

The end of the world as depicted in doomsday movie '2012'.

Religious figures in North Sulawesi support the screening of 2012 Doomsday Film because it visualizes the end of the world, although it is not as horrifying as described in the scriptures.

“The screening of the film in a number of movie houses is not one hundred percent wrong, because it is the visualization about the truth of the end of the world as described in the scriptures,” a Muslim figure Taufic Pasiak said here on Tuesday.

According to Taufic Pasia, the movie picture could make the people aware of the end of world history and why it could happen, although the description of the film was not one hundred percent correct.

He added that by watching the film, the people would be aware of doomsday in the future, and try to deepen their faith and believe in their creator.

“One of the reasons why religions come to existence is because of the fear of people of disasters that will happen beyond their comprehension,” Pasiak said, adding that by watching the film, people would be motivated to seek God and His truth as the creator of the universe.

In addition, he said the people who watched the film and believed that the world would really come to an end, would try to do something to deepen their faith and trust in God.

“The film showed that the Westerners and unbelievers have started to believe that doomsday will come someday, and therefore they can try to deepen in their creator,” he said.

According to Pasiak, the screening of the film should not necessarily be questioned because it had a positive side that could lead the people who watched it to return to the way of truth.

“There is no problem for those who want to watch the film because they can understand the truth of the holy Koran which also explains doomsday,” Pasiak said. — ANTARA