The MCA annual general meeting (AGM) will be held as scheduled on Dec 4 and 5, MCA Information and Communication Bureau chairman Senator Heng Seai Kie said on Friday, dispelling claims that it would be postponed.

Heng Seai Kie

Heng Seai Kie

She said in a statement issued here that there were no plans at all to reschedule the AGM to a later date.

“MCA headquarters has received many inquiries as to whether the party annual general assembly scheduled from Dec 4 to 5, 2009 will be postponed.

“I hereby categorically affirm that the AGM for 2009 will proceed as scheduled on Dec 4 for the MCA Youth and Wanita wings, and on Dec 5 for the parent body,” she said.

Heng, who is also an MCA Central Committee member, said any suggestion that the AGM scheduled for Dec 4 to 5 would be postponed was designed to confuse all central delegates and create chaos within the party.

“It is unfortunate that there have been claims by certain MCA members that the AGM will be postponed. Such allegations are not true and the persons who made such claims are behaving irresponsibly by placing the party in a precarious situation of being deregistered by the Registrar of Societies (ROS),” she said.

Heng urged all MCA central delegates to ignore the unfounded rumours and attend the AGM for the sake of party unity.

She said the notice to convene the AGM had been issued in accordance with the party constitution.

Excepting the MCA president, she said, it was also against the party constitution for any member to postpone the AGM.