The MIC must become a learning party, build its institutional capacity to function in a more productive way and meet challenges with the right tools to succeed, deputy president Datuk G. Palanivel said on Saturday.

MIC deputy president G. Palanivel

MIC deputy president G. Palanivel

He said in doing so, the party, which boasts 630,000 members, would become stronger and be able to woo the Malaysian Indian community to its fold.

“There are new problems now. We have to adjust to the new situation, meet the new requirements and solve the new problems. The challenge facing the MIC, the Indians and also the nation must be identified, discussed and debated such that we may produce and implement the best solutions.

“We must do things that gives a better perception of our role as a political party. The electorate must see us as an entity that is willing to embrace its responsibility and deliver.

“Only then can we clear the misconceptions about us. We have to ponder and plan on what should be done to improve our status and create the right perception about us,” he said in his blog at

He said the party, including its Youth and Wanita wings, should “define ourselves” politically.

The next step, he said was to plan how MIC must function like a political party and not like an NGO by strategically charting its work as a political party and raise the level of political awareness of the voters.

“We have to continously meet and talk to our voters and educate them on the importance of their voting power. We must make them politically aware and remind them that they should support those who support them. We should tell voters that they should vote for those who work for them,” he added.

Palanivel also said that there was a new domestic political situation and that the international situation had also changed.

“We cannot afford to overlook the new situation and that we are no longer in the comfort zones of the past,” he added.