University Berkeley

A signage that wrongly stated Anwar Ibrahim as 'former prime minister of Malaysia. (Photo: Flickr/Anwar Ibrahim)University Berkeley

Opposition leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been invited to give lectures overseas. But this blunder by University of Berkeley – pretty obvious.

However, they made the correction here:

Anwar Ibrahim was Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Malaysia from 1993-1998.

An ardent supporter of freedom and democracy, and the most powerful critic against corruption and abuse of executive power, he was dismissed from office in 1998 and imprisoned by then Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamed.

After serving six years in solitary confinement the Malaysian Courts overturned his conviction.

He assumed teaching positions at Oxford University, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and Georgetown University, lecturing extensively on issues of governance, democracy and contemporary politics in Southeast Asia.

In the 12th Malaysian General elections in March 2008 Anwar forged a political coalition called the Pakatan Rakyat, which scored massive victories, breaking the ruling party’s stranglehold in Parliament and gaining control of six of Malaysia’s fourteen states and territories, heralding a transition to a two-party system.

He is currently Leader of the Opposition in the Malaysian Parliament.