Sarawak Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission have made further inroad in the investigation of alleged siphoning billions of federal funds following the arrest of 17 more people including nine government officers on Monday, state media reported.

Samsiah Abu Bakar

Samsiah Abu Bakar

“Sarawak MACC director Samsiah Abu Bakar when contacted confirmed 17 suspects have been detained, nine of them government officers while the rest were contractors,” Eastern Times reported on Tuesday.

The Commission said its investigation over the case was still in progress and believed the syndicate operations only confined to Sarawak.

Samsiah also said they were still locating the whereabouts a Chinese man and a Dayak woman – identified as Philip Bong and Doren Anak Weng – to assist their investigations.

Philip Bong last known address was at Jalan Ong Kee Hui, while Doren’s address was at Tabuan Dusun. Anyone who knows their whereabouts please contact Rosley (019-817-0773) or Azizan (019-713-7945).

MACC deputy commissioner Datuk Zakaria Jaffar said recently that the commission had uncovered cases in Sarawak where up to 60 percent of federal government allocations to Sarawak were either diverted or “bocor” leaked.

The revelations shocked several state leaders including deputy chief minister Dr George Chan who immediately responded by saying the state government would conduct an internal audit over the matter.

Sarawak Democratic Progressive Party (SPDP) president Datuk Seri William Mawan on Monday said he wants a thorough probe into MACC’s revelations that substantial allocations for development projects in Sarawak have been siphoned.