The mushrooming of so-called ‘health center’ – offering massage services in Miri – a city in the northern part of Sarawak have caused uneasiness among housewives according Utusan Borneo in an exclusive news reports on Monday.

Most massage centers in Miri offers legitimate services

Most massage centers in Miri offers legitimate services

These massage centers overwhelmingly staffed by gorgeous mainland Chinese beauties known as ‘China dolls’ alleged to have caused husbands spending less time with their families, the reports said.

A housewife – Beatrie Lawai of Permyjaya was quoted to have said, massage centers in the city often advertise offering legitimate services such as foot and body massages to disguise a more lucrative illegal ‘special services’.

“As far as I’m concerned this ‘special service’ only available upon a request from the customer and it help the ‘dolls’ earning more than they usually paid for,” she said.

The reports also alleged the mushrooming of health and massage centers in Miri were partly fueled by the high demands from wealthy visitors from neighboring countries – presumably Brunei Darul Salam.

Zainani Salleh, Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Lambir Woman wing chief commenting on the issue said she hope local authority should be more pro-active in combating the sprouting of massage centers – especially those operating without proper licenses.

“We don’t know if they are offering legitimate massage services or other services (including sex),” she said.

These centers according to Zainani has been known to have causing family break-ups.  Therefore she urged relevant authorities to re-evaluate recruitment of foreign nationals particularly from China to avoid them from being lured / exploited into this immoral activities.