Singaporean parents will be required to indicate the race of their babies at birth according to Straits Times reports on Tuesday.

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The Singapore daily said the move intended at giving mixed marriage couples more flexibility in picking their child’s race.

The change, introduced by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) on Tuesday, will allow a child from a mixed marriage to take on either parent’s race.

For instance, the newborn of a Caucasian-Chinese couple can be either a Caucasian, a Chinese, or a Eurasian.

Currently, the child’s race follows that of the father, by default.

Explaining the rationale for the change, the ICA said yesterday that the change would give parents of mixed marriages the ‘flexibility and choice to decide and declare’ their child’s race at birth.

If parents cannot decide the child’s race when they register the birth, the child will take on the father’s race until the age of 15 – at which point, it will be officially recorded during the application for an identity card.