First day of school for these primary one kids of SK Kampung Baru, Bintulu. (File photo/SK Kampung Baru)

Many seem to have lost their grasp of the real deal when they believe that Sport’s Day or maybe a visit by a minister will cause schools to be be extra busy and don’t have time for educational responsibilities. Have you ever pondered about the first day of school?

It is definitely one of the busiest day in any school’s calendar. The air is filled with a myriad of cacophonies. It’s what makes the day itself special, memorable and a hell for teachers. Students being overly excited and their teachers would have to bear with the mischievous as scolding won’t slow their spirit, parents attacking the school’s superiors with their endless inquiries and even some teachers would also somehow find the time to chatter and ask other peers about how lost they were during the new year celebration.

New students entering and you can see their eyes wondering around. Trying to scrutunise every detail of the school as they subconsciously realise that it is a moment to cherish. It’s the first day of school in a new a school, surely many are excited and nervous about it. But we shall not forget about the parents, who scans the school compound and commenting about the environment. Often thinking if it is the right school for their children.

You can witness their gaze too, not only looking at the buildings and all it’s decorations, but examining the students as well, making pre-judgments on whether these children are good for their child or not. You can see their gaze land upon the ‘good’ students and the so called ‘bad’ groups of children and ends with a frown or a sigh of relief.

Although the began with a gloomy sky, it never impeded the students to cause more calamities in the school, especially with their inevitable boisterous selves.

My thoughts on the first day of school is like there’s a big wedding reception happening. Everyone gets to meet new people, meet up with some old ones and of course, there are some who are shy and keep a distance away from the many strangers they see, sticking to only who they know. Not forgetting those students who have just entered secondary will surely have curiosity fill their minds and adjusting themselves to a totally new environment, whereby they have schoolmates who are adults.

Some students are also seen dressed in new uniforms and sparkling white shoes, though some are seen agitated with what their wearing – a message to Form 6 students 😛 -. But, I’m sure that all of us, including the new students and teachers, would not take long to make themselves comfortable in school. We get to chat with each other, have some laughs and finally, reality will kick us and tell us it’s about time to focus on studies again.

The first day of school is an exciting day.  A busy day. A noisy day. A happy day. A joyous day. A new day. So we shall cherish it. We don’t get to experience this all the time, right?

So how was your first day of school?