Facebook now has more than 300 million users worldwide.

Can someone kill Facebook before it kills me?

My kamehameha cannot seem to obliterate this devil in blue. Son Goku can’t lay a scratch on this evil.

Oh yea, you do have friends coming over after they had a long holiday and the first they would ask is

“Pa perkembangan Bintulu nek tok” or “How’s Bintulu?”

You can tell them this. Check your Facebook. Don’t have one? It’s sad and absurd. Serious stuffs. It’s where people think they’re talking to themselves or rather ‘updating’ themselves and certain peers, but in reality, you’re literally proclaiming to the whole world your suppose to be ‘personal life’. All eyes on me!! ADD syndrome I suppose.

Although, I have to admit, some updates – or you can call them gossip or whatever that suits your tongue – are interesting cause most of the time, secrets are unveiled. And now I know what my friends hate my friends. Secrets unveiled.

Facebook tells you everything you need to know, from heartbreaks to weddings, from failures to scoring 4 flats in exams, from buildings caught on fire to new malls coming up, from a rainbow to its pot of gold.

One day maybe, Facebook will have their own TV show and their own newspaper so everyone can have updates such as good movies, shows or books.There’s a lot of info I got from Facebook.Friends rating movies or books, whether it’s worth the money to watch or read. Or maybe, places to dine with friends/families. Or spots to hangout and enjoy with your loved ones. Or areas where they sell really delicious food.

Some however, will reveal their personal life, just to draw the world’s attention to them. Like I said, ADD. Why are so cheap?

I don’t blame these people, we all need the attentions in our lives. Even as a baby, when we were born we needed someone to care for us, same thing when we’re old, someone will need to attend to wipe our face at times. In between? It’s the same. We crave to be blown by popularity.

However, most of the time, when some innocent and caring facebookers asked what their problem is, they’ll reply “It’s none of your business” but yet, they put status like that. What for?

Sometimes, it’s annoying. Yet many think it’s cute and adorable to be pathetic in the virtual world. Some examples (not meant to be humorous but to knock some sense into you)  :

  • I was drunk last night. Don’t tell my dad.
  • Kamek break malam tadik.
  • Cikgu ***** is very stupid!
  • *** is in a relationship with ***
  • Why is my boyfriend so stupid!?!
  • My mum told me not to go but I did. Shhh…!!
  • I’m so horny now.
  • Why did you leave me? Don’t you know that I’ll die for you?
  • His a pain in the ***.
  • I want to kill my teacher.
  • Ku rokok sik henti2 malam tek. 😀
  • Am so pissed with my mum/bf/dad/fren/ right now.
  • “***” is feeling sad today. (but not telling anyone what’s the reason)

You get drill. The list can go and on till eternity ends.

I don’t intend to bludgeon all who did these. But I just have the urge to do so. So there’s the smack.

Some are open with it though. Not bothering whoever intrudes their private life. Give them the feeling of being a celebrity. Locally known.

The others are the opposite, wanting to enclose the case in Facebook. It’s not possible, considering that people like to gossip, regardless if their in the virtual world or the real. The gap between is so thin that even someone can poke you through Facebook.

It’s only that when these news that they intend to keep as a so called ‘secret’ start to leak out from it’s unsealed cage, they would point fingers at people for getting involved in their personal life when they were actually the ones who told the whole world themselves. So naive?

Now don’t get me started with the uploaded pictures.