Screencast of available wireless network at ParkCity Mall - the only mall in Bintulu.

I just discovered that there is no longer free wifi – ie., password-less wifi at ParkCity Mall today. I was shopping at the mall today – while waiting for my wife I hooked up my laptop at one of the eateries inside the mall.

I was surprised to find that out of at least 10 wireless network available inside the mall – none offer free connection. Wireless network ‘PARKCITY MALL’ used to be password-less.

On my way out of the mall – I chanced upon Keith Pointer – ParkCity Mall Chief Operating Officer and asked him what happen.

“Look – we have to stop it as there has been abused,” he said. “Can you imagine someone just sat at D’Junction (now closed and soon to be replaced by Sushi King) for hours without ordering any food.”

Keith then offer me to use the New World Suites business center for free. But I have to decline the offer as it was less convenience.