Better than a pat-down: Full-body scanners that show security agents what is under passengers’ clothing could come to several Canadian airports this year.

PARIS–Body scanners will be introduced for experimentation in some French airports, France’s civil aviation authority said Wednesday amid security concerns after a failed plot to blow up a US airplane.

The controversial scanners, capable of peering through clothes to create three-dimensional images of passengers to reveal any concealed weapons or explosives, should be installed in some Paris airports “as soon as possible”.

The decision follows “guidelines proposed by a working group” looking into security measures and the evaluation and confirmation by an independent body that the scanners would have “no impact on passenger health”.

Several countries, including Britain and Canada, have announced they will introduce body scanners at airports after Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was charged with trying to down a US-bound passenger jet on Christmas Day.

France is also looking to improve its passenger profiling, the detection of explosives traces and the exploitation of already-existing information on potential suspects.

“The training of security staff will also be strengthened,” the French aviation authority added. — AFP