The Borneo Post front page headlines on Jan 9, 2010.

No images of gutted Metro Tabernacle Church or the other three churches splash across local dailies pages on Saturday – a day after the incidents.

Instead, Borneo so called largest newspaper – The Borneo Post featured a photo of Christians in tears – holding their hands up – praying for peace.

Sin Chew Daily also featured the same image. Perhaps there were media restriction and the police already threatening to use draconian Internal Security Act against those spreading the news.

News of the church attacks splashed across the globe by Reuters, AFP, AP almost simultaneously on Friday, Jan 07, 2010.

However it continue to spread across the world – thank to wire services such as AFP, AP, Reuters. The coverage not limited to only wire services – but also 24-hour news channel such as CNN.

The damage had been done – Malaysia image among international communities – especially investors will be forever tarnished.

Prime Minister Najib’s condemned the attacks but angrily denied insinuation by opposition parties that certain Umno politicians could have played a role at inciting Muslim angst over the ‘Allah’ issue.

DAP stalwarts Lim Kit Siang said he received SMS that read:

“UMNO, esp Najib & Hishammuddin must bear full responsibility for d churches burning incidents since they failed to address d Allah issue properly, allowing people to demonstrate, thus causing it to escalate & spin out of proportion.”