The first full week in this new year and I have achieved in what many many passers do during an accident. Nothing. How far have you gone with your resolution fantasy? Not far I suppose.

Bintulu still seems to be a rather quiet town surprisingly, and road users are still blinder than anything I’ve known. People could still beat the red light even from a distance where they can’t see the traffic light.

With school just started, it is hard not to enjoy and what they can do to just portray themselves. Pure diversity. SMK Kidurong achieved a record for last year’s PMR, having produced 35 students who have achieved straight A’s. Now this is a real achievement and I did surprise many of us and the teachers are no exception. Certainly a proud feeling stirs in their hearts with a pinch of “‘You couldn’t have done it without me” feeling. It’s nothing personal, but mutual in fact. Win or lose but here it’s win and lose both shared. However, human nature are more susceptible to the triumphant feeling.

So what to do with them? Well, place all of them in single class to create a better environment where the competition is the strongest. Where everyone will fight for that top spot, no matter what it takes. The tension arises where they will start speculating among themselves and start pointing fingers on who will get that throne. All 35.

Which brings me to a question in mind, how will the teachers handle this? Unfortunately – or Fortunately, depends if you’re envious -, this is the first time such occurrence happen where all the top notch students are placed in the same classroom. It’s a miracle if teachers don’t feel a certain inferior feeling or rather a slight tremble. Imagine 35 intelligence under the command of one person. This is not striking a blow in the face of the teachers, but rather a food for thought. But there’s always a first time for everything and it’s either you do well in it and you flop like nobody’s business.

Another question is how is the school going to keep up to that standards or rather climb a little higher than last year’s magnificent results? I think this is rather a worry to those teachers teaching the PMR students this year, yet it is also a very good challenge to once again prove to everyone that SMK Kidurong is more than just a school. It produces intellectuals. It is a school with respectable reputation. I wish all the best.

Some say students’ achievement comes from their own hardwork and determination, some say it’s the teacher, some say family and religion plays and important role, and some say all of those.

But in my opinion, it’s like this. What connects man and his success? It’s the same as what connects man and God. Faith. By believing in ourselves can we only trust other factors such as friends and family that will push us to success. Where can we go if we don’t trust our own judgments, intellect and rationalism?