A Kancil car was stranded in front of SMK Kidurong for nearly an hour being rescued.

Several housing estates in Kidurong were badly hit by flash flood early this morning after an hour of downpour.

Taman Matahari, SMK Kidurong and Taman Milenium were areas impassable by small vehicles.

The main road leading to Taman Matahari was about knee deep in water. Several cars were seen stranded and towed away.

“We’re on our way to an art class from to Taman Matahari. But it the water was too deep so we make u-turn, only to be stuck here in front of SMK Kidurong,” Lucas Kueh said when met at the scene.

An expat from Taman Matahari was stranded for nearly an hour in front of SMK Kidurong before her friends came to tow the her car away.

“It was raining probably less than an hour these areas already flooded. It must be caused by clogged monsoon drains,” Lucas lamented.

An expat working with an oil company who live at Taman Matahari said it wasn’t the first time flash flood occurred in the area.

“Wonder why local authority have yet to solve this (flash flood) problem despite it has been happening several times already,” he said on condition of anonymity.

Our attempts to contact Bintulu Development Authorities (BDA) Landscape and Drainage department manager for explanation were unsuccessful.

Road users are advised to avoid the coastal road along ABF beach and also Taman Matahari.