From left opposition MP Khalid Samad, Marina Mahathir a social activist, blogger on the center and Yusri Mohamad from Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement on the right.

Aljazeera the only international news agency that its office in Kuala Lumpur reported on the religious tensions in Malaysia following a High Court ruling which declared non-Muslims could use the Arabic word ‘Allah’ when referring to God.

Watch Fauziah Ibrahim hosting Marina mahathir, MP Khalid Samad and Yusri Mohamad to talk about ‘Whose God’ in this 101 East latest programme.

Some analyst blame the ruling coalition for equating religion with race. Critic says it’s a political tactic that keep the dominance United Malay Organisation (UMNO) in power for decades.

“In this country Muslims are synonymous with Malays and so anything that is done against Islam is seen to be something done towards the Malays. The Umno in particular utterly dependent on the Malay votes,” says University of Malaya law professor Dr Azmi Sharom.

“So it is to pander the fear of the Malays to say that without them you are under threats, without them Islam is under threat.”

According to Dr Azmi Sharom what they (UMNO and Barisan Nasional) haven’t done is taken the responsibilities for the fertile ground for this racist behavior which they have been laying down for the past few years.