Sarawak recorded only 67 percent of electrification much lower than Sabah 77 percent and Peninsula 99 percent according to PEMANDU Lab Highlight reports.

Yet, Sarawak government (through Sarawak Energy Bhd) still has the luxury of paying it Norwegian chief executive officer (CEO) a whooping RM4,007,400.00 a year contract.

Torstein Dale Sjotveit, Sarawak Energy Bhd CEO.

An action best described by Malay proverb ‘Kera di hutan di susukan, anak di rumah mati kelaparan’.

Torstein Dale Sjotveit, a construction engineer, joined Norsk Hydro in 1981, holding a number of management positions including executive vice president.

He then made a six-year stint in West Africa in an unknown position. Prior to joining Sarawak Energy, Sjotveit was a CEO of a shipbuilder STX Europe.

Sjotveit did not offer any explanation why he quit STX, saying only that it was the right time for him to move on, presumably to next job with Sarawak government.

The three years contract he recently signed with Sarawak Energy would also entitled him to 10 all expenses paid holidays a year, in addition to his RM4 million per year salary. That’s more than a third of his time with the company.

“The package comes with housing in an exclusive area in Kuching and a brand new Mercedes E300 costing more than RM 483,000.00 on the road,” according to Maximus Koh of Hornbill Unleashed.

To give that multi-million dollar contract a perspective Maximus said Malaysian per capita income is merely RM 22,000 per year. Economists estimate that the average Malaysian earns less than US$ 5,000.00 a year.

“Mr. Torsteins salary per year is the equivalent of a lifetime of gross income for most Malaysians.”

He added “maybe the magnitude of Mr Torsteins salary is best illustrated by reference to that great Sarawakian lunchtime favorite, I.e. The chicken rice.”

“It only cost RM2.00 per plate. Therefore Mr Torteins salary can buy 2,003,700 plates. That means lunch for 5,489 years!”