This old lady said she was in town getting medical treatment when Bintulu Land & Survey demolished her home. Can you imagine her sadness?

On Tuesday, Bintulu Land & Survey department launched mass demolition of Dayak Iban houses in Sekabai near Bandar Samarakan – about 55km from Bintulu.

“We are only carrying out our duty. The court has made its decision,” Bintulu Superintendent of Land & Survey explained, adding that failure to vacate the land is contempt of court.

Following the case the residents of Rh. Nyawai were furious as to why the apparent double standard.

According to one of them, in peninsula Malaysia, landless Malays are given lands, but in Sarawak the state government seems to be keen of robbing the native of lands.

In peninsula ‘the people living in Felda were those who were landless, poor… the Prime Minister gives them land properly, which is good” Sekalai said.

“But here in Sarawak they not only didn’t give us land, instead they confiscated our lands.”

He said the state government should be more caring towards the needs of the people.