Baru Bian flanked by longhouse chief Nor Nyawai (left) and Sekalai on the right.

The folks of Rh. Nor Nyawai have filed court injunction against their eviction order obtained by Tatau Land Sdn. Bhd recently at Bintulu court on Friday.

Lawyer representing Tuai Rumah Nyawai – Baru Bian said, they will also to press charges against the company, government agencies involved in last Tuesday’s demolition exercises.

“Tatau Land Sdn. Bhd do have court order to evict anyone from this area (Rh. Nor Nyawai’s NCR land),” Baru Bian acknowledged during a meeting with his clients at Rh. Nor Nyawai, Bandar Samarakan – about 55km from Bintulu today.

But there was a technical issue in that order Baru said, while refuting claimed by Bintulu Superintendent of Land & Survey that the order had been properly served to them.

“Firstly they should have served the order properly not just a blanket order without people’s name. I have not been given the court order either. ”

“Secondly, we have already appealed against the order, even though there was no stay of execution”

According to Baru Bian – who is also state Parti Keadilan Rakyat chief “even if they are legally right, but they are morally wrong to evict people from their homes in such inhumane manners”.

“How could you dragged an old man – a former Tuai Rumah from his home in order for you to crush his house into piece just like that.”

“Smashed people houses with all their properties, foods inside.” he said.

'This is no langkau - but a proper house where we had been living for all this while,

Seta, who said he had invested thousands of Ringgit to build his house insisted they are not against the government.

“We are not against the government. But before demolishing our homes they should negotiate properly with us,” said Seta.

He added “It seems that this government only knows how to create problems to the people, but don’t know how to solve them.”

Commenting on involvement of Sarawak Land & Survey department in the demolition exercised Baru said they shouldn’t be there in the first place.

“I heard that they used the ‘word’ Land & Survey to come in and demolished [the place]. If that is true. That is wrong.”

If there are evidences that showed their involvement in last Tuesday’s demolition – we will sue them personally as they have no right to demolish private properties on private land,” Baru Bian stressed.

Nor Nyawai, 70 the longhouse chief they will not rebuild their house but will erected small hut to shelter their possessions.

He also denied media reports of them being offered compensation to move out of the areas.

“That’s a lie as far as I’m concerned,” Tuai Rumah Nor said.

In last Tuesday demolition more than 100 people were made homeless and 39 homes destroyed. A blockade has also been erected to bar entry into the disputed areas.