Photo of Tuai Rumah Nor Nyawai longhouse folks.

Tuai Rumah Nor Nyawai granted temporarily injunction by Kuching High Court to halt demolition of their settlement in Sg. Sekabai, Sebauh on Monday.

The injunction would prevent Tatau Land Sdn. Bhd, the Land & Survey Department and state government from entering or trespassing into Nor Nyawai NCR land.

The application was filed through their lawyer Messrs Baru Bian Advocates and was heard before Justice Albert Linton.

“The court gives us temporarily injunction pending full argument on Feb 9,” Baru Bian said when contacted today.

The land owners are asking for a restraining order against Tatau Land Sdn Bhd or their servants and agents, preventing them from working, entering, starting development work and trespassing into the communal native customary lands until a final solution is found in the matter.

They are also asking for an interim order or relief that the court deems just and necessary pending the outcome of the action and costs.

On Jan 19, the authorities demolished 29 houses belonging to the plaintiffs.

They have also asked the court to further restrain the defendants from demolishing the remaining 35 houses and their farm houses.