Datuk Fadillah Yusof can only listen to Ambi complaints then promised to solve their problem.

Datuk Fadilah Yusof – a deputy minister and MP for Petra Jaya red-faced when confronted over ‘Satu lagi projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional’.

Even better – he also rebuked by those involved in this ‘Satu Lagi Projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional’.

Fadilah asked for the contractor to come for site visit but no representative from the company came. State Development Office , on the other hand was only sending its technician. We can only say – wah!

According to Sarawak Update Fadilah was not happy with the project workmanship quality:

“I am not happy with the quality of this project and the attitude of your staff,” Fadilah was heard telling SDO director over the phone, and instruct his private secretary to draft a letter to the Prime Minister that he would personally signed over the incident today.

Fadilah therefore promised to Ambi and the unhappy villagers that he would call for a meeting involving all the relevant authorities, the latest by March this year to solve the problem.

This is not the first time SDO projects came under scrutiny because the Sarawak Update also received similar complaints from Lundu and Betong, indicating that it is a Statewide affair. Ironically, these on the spot awarded job that cost RM200,000 each were being approved conveniently if the benefactors are not making noise.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) should pay the contractors and project supervisors involved a visit. May be they are too busy.

Say wah – “Satu Lagi Projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional’.