After 41 years many Sarawakian especially in the rural areas still depending on river for drinking water, homes still without electricity. (Photo: Picasaweb/Noel)

After more than four decades of Barisan Nasional rules, 29 years under Taib Mahmud, more than two-thirds of Sarawakians still living in darkness, drinking from river, stored rain water.

That’s admitted Najib today, happening despite Malaysia’s considerable achievements in the provision of rural basic infrastructure (RBI).

He said more need to be done to serve the rural population that constitutes about 35 per cent of Malaysians – when officiating Government Transformation Programme today.

Najib’s government was embarking on a very ambitious plan to provide basic infrastructure development programme in peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah.

The government he said will build more than 7000 km of new and upgraded roads by 2012, 1900 km of these roads will be in Sarawak and Sabah.

This will result in 91.4 percent of West Malaysians will be living within five km of a paved road by the end of this year, to 100 percent in 2012.

Najib didn’t provide any figure for Sabah and Sarawak, probably because it’s too gaping and embarrassing to reveal when government talking about transforming itself.

Book highlighting Bintulu progress and development

Notice Jepak state assemblyman Datuk Talib Zulpilip giving a 'thumb down'.

State leader often boasted – Bintulu as the example of Barisan successes in developing the state. During recent book launching Abang Johari said the state had successful transformed once sleepy fishing village into industrial city.

“From a sleepy fishing village in 1970s – Bintulu is now an “industriopolis,” he said.

But what he didn’t say – Bintulu also has one of the biggest number of squatters in the state.

Within less than 50 km radius from Bintulu town center thousands of Dayak living in longhouses still have no paved road, no electricity. This despite the fact they were living underneath the state electricity grid!

Another 5 hours drive from Bintulu on slippery logging road is Belaga. The district boasted having the multi-billion ringgit Bakun dam that would generate millions to the state starting 2011.

But according to Taib while campaigning in the 2008 General Election, Belaga still don’t need much development as it contribution to the state coffer were meagre.

Belaga voters – perhaps being an overwhelmingly ‘Orang Ulu’ constituency – still voted for Barisan Nasional. Surprising indeed!

Belaga particularly and Kapit division generally is the least developed Division in Sarawak despite its immense resources.

Kapit Division can boast having the most gaping division between the rich and the poor – the least developed part of Sarawak.

The Division huge track of tropical rainforest – is the source of wealth to it richest son – Dayak billionaire Linggi Jugah. It also can boast having the largest hydro-electric dam in southeast Asia – the most impoverish