Farley Supermaket
at Medan Jaya is a favorite shopping destination to many – including myself. I just like the drink there especially the ‘Cendor’. Gosh it’s darn big.

However, not many shoppers had a pleasant experience while shopping there though. One teacher recently related her experience to us while shopping at one of Bintuluans favorite shopping center.

According to her, she was shopping at the supermarket a few months back for some fruits and vegetables.

Mr Lau, Farley owner

However, she was surprised when told to pay few ringgit more than her Chinese colleague upon reaching the cashier counter – even though they were buying the same fruit, at the same quantity – from the same shelf!

Unhappy, she then confronted the lady manning the cashier – a Chinese lady – why she’s charging her more than her colleague.

Embarrassed as she was raising her voice and other shoppers were looking curiously at them – the cashier eventually gave-in.

“I don’t think all the Chinese staffs at Farley are racist, but there are few of course,” she said.

When asked to reveal the name of the cashier for verification she said: “I told her boss already and that’s should be enough.”

We encourage you to share your own racist experiences with us – as we shouldn’t be treated differently because the color of our skin, creeds and background.

After all we are “One Malaysia” – right?