Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party trying to get their version of the ‘walk out’ by five party leaders during the party supreme council meeting recently.

James Laju, who is also the party’s supreme council member, said the claim was totally false as only one leader, Slvester Entri Muran, had staged a walkout after he was not retained as secretary-general. The Star reports:

Laju told a press conference here on Tuesday night that he and several other leaders had personally witnessed the incident and did not see anyone else follow Slvester.

“Three supreme council members from the Central region – Tiong Yong Hing, Paul Igai, Chambai Lindong and Ting Kiew Ming – and I were at that meeting. We saw only Slvester walking out of the meeting.

“He had walked out as he was unhappy when he was not re-appointed to the secretary-general’s post but was instead appointed by party president Datuk William Mawan as one of the vice-presidents.

“He walked out alone and nobody else followed him. We saw this with our own eyes,” he clarified.

In a report on Jan 25, Borneo Post said Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Peter Nansian, Bekenu assemblywoman Rosey Yunus, Batu Danau assemblyman Paulus Palu Gumbang and Dr Tiki also walked out of Saturday’s supreme council meeting.

The state daily reported three supreme council members also staged a walk out – Peter Ghani, George Garai and Cr Eda Igar.