Via The Star:

A special task force is investigating the incident where wild boar heads were dumped at the compounds of two mosques.

The task force was set up immediately after the incident, said city police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Sabtu Osman, adding that all departments, including the Commercial Crime and Special Branch, were roped in to assist in the investigations.

He said the case involved national security and had to be tackled urgently.

“Such acts must be prevented from happening again,” he said at a seminar on prudent financial spending here yesterday.

DCP Sabtu also urged those with information on the dumping to contact the police immediately.

In contrast the arson and arson attempts on the churches in our country recently were given only lackadaisical attitude. No special task force team was setup – and it not even consider at national security.

Our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib had downplayed the various attacks and had termed them as “minor aberrations”.

The culprits in the arson attacks today were even lightly charged with only mischief by court.

One Malaysia – double standards.