Did M Kayveas get Sarawak Chief Minister also BN state chief Tan Sri Taib blessing entering Sarawak when state election is less than 14 months away? Bet not.

Karim Rahman Hamzah, the Chief Political Secretary to the Chief Minister said “PPP is not welcome as it is only an extra baggage for state Barisan Nasional.

“It is better for PPP to sort out its leadership problem first before thinking of expanding to Sarawak or to solve the people’s problem,” he said reports Borneo Post on Monday.

“Everyone knows that PPP’s leadership problem has not been solved following the ‘expulsion’ of Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator T Murugiah after his fallout with party president Datuk M Kayveas,” said Karim who is also Asajaya assemblyman.

“We do not even know who the real president is now. No need to expand and think of contesting in Sarawak when your house is still in disorder. We here have enough homegrown leaders who can look after the state through homegrown parties,” said Karim who is Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) supreme council member.

However, M Kayveas said once People Progressive Party (PPP) set up its branches here, it would then officially requested to Sarawak Barisan Nasional as a member of the state BN.

“And now we see that the support for us is there and at the same time, they (the supporters) want to remain with BN, so it is an appropriate timing for us (to come in),” he said, adding that to this group of people, PPP is regarded as an ideal party for them due to the fact that it is multi-racial.

“At one point of time, Umno (United Malays National Organisation) alone could run the country but today the scenario has changed. If the Indians say they don’t want BN, it would create problems for BN.”

“And if the 28 per cent of Chinese don’t want to support BN, it also gives problems. Therefore, if BN is that we love, then BN should open up to changes or comments in order to move on,” he said.

PPP state chief John Lau said the party hoping to register at least 90,000 members. He also said the party has submitted application to register 28 branches in Sarawak to the Registrar of Societies in October last year.

According to John Lau, in Kuching, the party branches would be in the state constituencies of Padungan, Batu Lintang and Kota Samarahan.

Out side Kuching PPP hope to have six branches in Maradong, in Sibu – state constituencies such as Pelawan and Bukit Assek.