President Barack Obama greets Malaysian Ambassador to the U.S., Jamaludin Jarjis, during a credentialing ceremony for new ambassadors, in the Oval Office, Nov. 4, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

Malaysian travellers likely to be mistreated and detained without valid reasons in Middle East, Asia and North America according to reports received by Malaysian government.

“Malaysians are now in lock-ups for alleged involvement in drugs and possession of fake passports,” a government source told New Straits Times.

“We note that some of these cases did not have enough grounds to warrant arrests.”

There were reports that while under interrogation, some Malaysians were mistreated by the authorities in these countries.

The source cited a case in North America where a Malaysian man was arrested for wearing ragged clothes and slippers at the airport – which make him “looking like a drug addict” to the authorities in the said country.

Malaysian authorities said is currently in talks with the country concerned over the case.

“They usually pick up travellers whom they feel are of unsavoury characters.

“Usually, lone travellers or those in pairs are high on the ‘to-watch’ list.”

However Malaysian authorities said they wouldn not issued any travel warning to Malaysians visiting Middle East, North America or Asia due to the problems.