Let us take a local issue as an example. Recently it was widely reported in the press that young and underage Penan girls are being raped. No local Muslim NGOs came out in support of the plight of this poor community.

Where is the local chapter of ABIM or HIKMAH (BINA, as I remember fondly)? We, who claim to be Muslims, do not appear to care. We do not walk the talk, sadly. Yet we are told that Islam is a religion of love and compassion.

Another very recent example is the demolition of the houses belonging to Rumah Nor anak Nyawai in Bintulu. I will not dwell on the legal or political aspects of the case. I am lost for words as to how the BN government cannot address the problem of landlessness, based on humanitarian grounds.

We are told the state is led by Muslim leaders. We as Muslims have failed miserably to provide for the poor, to help the needy, as required by clear tenets in Islam.

Mind you, Sarawak is blessed with vast land. But then again I might be wrong, as report after report indicates that this beautiful state of Sarawak is being carved up to faceless capitalists and owners of huge oil palm plantations.

Skeptics might argue that these are “small and insignificant” examples, irrelevant to our daily lives in the towns. I beg to differ. If we cannot settle so-called small rural issues, what makes you think that they can handle the bigger and wider issues of liberty and democracy?

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