Lotus F1 Racing Team CEO, Riad Asmat. (Photo: Lotus F1 )

Lotus F1 Racing team set to launch their car in London on Friday but the air already fill up with numerous speculations mostly negative about the team.

But chief executive officer Riad Asmat believes all negative airs will be cleared once the car will be unveiled.

“People can speculate that Campos might not start the season, that we won’t make it through the season or anything they want. At the end of the day, it is up to our determination to make things happen.

“I think we’re due a little bit more credit. So far, of the new teams, only Virgin and us have our cars ready and we will be on the grid in Bahrain,” said Riad, reports New Straits Times.

Lotus F1 car is powered by Cosworth V8 engine and testing already started at Silvertone Circuit.

However there is still a lingering doubt about the team survivability – financially that is.

They yet to announce any sponsorship deals even though it is only a month away, before the team debut at the Sakhir Circuit in Bahrain.

Instead of reassuring, Riad said “this is Malaysia and I’ve learned to accept this, that people are eager to draw on the negative out of everything.”

So good luck Lotus F1.