Chandu Unggan 67, showing fuel rebate she received before by Batang Ai by election. (Photo: Amir Hafiz Abd Rahman)

The UMNO Malay are using the term bumiputera to gain business quota. The UMNO Malay could not even care less that the term bumiputera includes the natives of Sabah and Sarawak. Why should they malaya Malay care?

The Dayak politicians are participating in BN and the Dayak voted for BN because BN has drilled into the Dayak that BN would bring progress to Dayak. We all know that till today such promise has not been met by BN.

The Dayak YBs has been bribed and bought by Ketuanan Melayu. The Malay has NO feeling what so ever over the lack of development for the Dayak both physical and mental. The lack of education among Dayak is not helping out to hasten the change.

By the time the Dayak realize what is going on Dayak would have been the poorest community in Malaysia. Read more…