Lim Guan Eng has denied it. Perkasa–the so called Malay rights group–has accused him of lying. Perkasa labelled Lim “anti-Malay.” But the group itself is seen by many as “ultra Malay.”

Yes, I’m talking about the Prophet Muhammad birthday which has become an issue albeit unnecessary. Lim, Chief Minister of Penang, as we know has said he never had any intention to cancel the procession in his state.

His detractors however say the intention was there but retracted after a big hue and cry was created. We can only “guess” as who is telling the truth, and who is not.

In Makkah, the holy city where the Prophet (sallalla hu alai wassalam) was born, processions to mark his birthday are never held. So too in Medina, the Prophet’s final resting place. In both holy cities, as also in the rest of Saudi Arabia (and for that matter many throughout the Muslim world), the Prophet’s birthday is commemorated with prayers, Quran recital and the “salawat” or prayers for the Prophet and honouring him.

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