Malaysia is the Promised Land, even if a trifling minority of ingrates denounce their homeland as such a sinisterly bigoted abode that they clamour to emigrate overseas. Most of these denunciation were in a prissy huff over turgid contentions of political, social, economic and educational oppression.

Notice that shiny glow oozing from the many entry points to the country? Massive yellow brick roads connecting Malaysia to our envious neighbors from the further east, the far north, the vast Indian sub-continent, some parts of the Middle-East and Africa, all merging in a scrappy diaspora that focuses on the promise of fabulous wealth and infinite opportunity Malaysia effortlessly spawns.

How do we know Malaysia is the Promised Land? Simple. Ask the millions of Indonesians, Filipinos, Bangladeshis, Chinese, Indians, Nepalese, Myanmars, Africans, and, yes, even Mongolians, who made Malaysia home in spite of grave risk to life, limb and nationality.

Nationality? Yes. Ask also how many of these aliens, legal or otherwise, have forfeited or are willing to forfeit their respective nationalities for a MyKad and that little fortune they readily sacrifice to acquire a little piece of the Malaysian dream as long as it means never having to face forced repatriation.

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