Retired pornstar Jenna Jameson recently appeared on Oprah Winfrey shows talking about her porno career and raising her twin kids.

Jenna says she had one goal in mind since she bared all for her first adult film role in the early ’90s—to become the number one porn star in the world. And that’s exactly what she did. “I felt very sexual all my life,” she says. “And I just applied it.”

Over the years, Jenna starred in more than 100 soft- and hard-core adult films, one of which became the best-selling adult DVD of all time.

As her popularity grew, so did her paycheck. At the height of her career, Jenna says she made $60,000 for a day and a half of work, and at one time, her company, ClubJenna, earned a reported $30 million a year.

Even those who’ve never seen a pornographic film may recognize Jenna’s name and image from her mainstream projects. She’s been featured in feature films and television sitcoms. Jenna even has her own wax figure at Madame Tussauds Museum!

Following the footstep of her mom, Jenna started out as a topless dancer at Las Vegas at 18-year old [see video here].

“I was about eighteen years old that I’m gonna dance. I was a showgirl at Las Vegas,” she said.

“Dad listen, I’m gonna be topless. He then gave his approval,” she said relating how she foray into adult film industry.

Her father who was a police officer said he has two choices either to divorce from her daughter because of what she was doing or support her.

“So I decided to support her,” he said.