Merang Jok, of Uma Apan damaged windscreen.

There have been numerous complaints lodged to the relevant authorities including ministers of the Bakun road condition.

All seems to be fallen on deaf ears. The road which stretch more than 80km was built to facilitate the construction of Bakun dam more than a decade ago.

However, after the completion of major works on the Bakun dam, the road condition has been rapidly deteriorating.

It is now only suitable for four-wheel vehicle such as Toyota Hilux.

The Bakun dam project and the basic infrastructure that comes with project often portrayed by the government as another projects that would bring development to the rural communities in Belaga.

After more than a decade, many of the resettled Orang Ulu communities felt they have been short-changed.

Hundred of lorries carrying logs and plywood plying the Bakun road dailies that further exacerbate the problems.

“I don’t see how it going to benefit people like me when I just lost my car windscreen that cost several thousand to replace,” lamented Merang Jok of Uma Apan whose car windscreen totally damaged when hit by a stone flying from behind a logging trailer.

Merang said he definitely not the first Bakun road user suffered losses as result of minor accidents while driving along the road.

He wishes the government should have been more sincere in helping the people.

“We have been loyally voting for them in every elections. The least they could do to help us is to deliver on their promises,” he added.