A Malaysian engineer who has been calling Canada his home for the last 30 years said he never regretted leaving the country for greener pasture elsewhere.

“I left Sarikei 30 years ago together with my wife,” a retired engineer who wished to be known only as J.C said when met at Bintulu’s Taman Tumbina.

He said after graduating from a New Zealand university in the 70s, he came back to work for Jabatan Kerja Raya (Public Work Department).

However, after several years in the job – he still categorized as a ”temporary worker”.

Thus freezing any chances of getting pay increment and depriving him of other employment benefits.

JC said he felt it was time to move on and went to Canada to try his luck.

There, he secured a very good job in an oil and gas company in Calgary and never look back.

“I still retain my Malaysian citizenship but never really thought of coming back permanently,” he said.

“I already have a root over there as all my children were born in Canada.”

After three decades away, J.C said he didn’t see much developments in Sarikei – the place where he was born.

J.C also surprised when told than more than 2.5 million Malaysians have abandoned the country during the last one decade.

“I know a lot of Sarawakians in Vancouver, Canada but never knew that many Malaysians had left the country,”