Datuk Ibrahim Ali - PERKASA chief a Malay pressure group.

Sherine Ong left Malaysia six years ago. Now in hongkong, she is one of the hundred of thousand highly educated Malaysians who abandoned their country.

“I’ve no plan to return to Malaysia. Not any time in the near future,” she said.

“What would make me return is maybe when all Malaysians are treated equally.

Many of the more than three hundred thousand who left between the 2008-2009 are ethic Chinese who along with ethnic Indian are felt discriminated against for decades.

The source of which is the new economic policy (NEP). Design to boost the status of majority Bumiputeras or ethnic Malays.

They make more than 50 percent of Malaysia population and the NEP has given Malays regardless of their income advantages in education and employment.

Malay pressure group scorn suggestion that this make Malaysia a racist country.

“If they said that oh we feel we are second class citizen. Don’t talk shit, you see don’t talk shit. I.. repeat don’t talk shit,” said Ibrahim Ali the leader of Malay pressure group Perkasa.

“we malay has forgive a lot of things to these people. We sacrifice a lot of interests.”

But a growing number of Malays think the NEP is no longer needed as it lead to nepotism and corruption. Dr Farish Noor a political scientist is one of them.

He said the rise in ethnic and religious base politics inpinges on his academic freedom and stiffle Malaysia development.

“If the condition change to such a point where I can’t even research and I can’t even teach in peace.

“I’m told that some topics of such sensitivities, they can’t be taught or critically research.

“Then I think the academic world will really hit a hard wall.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Najib announced changes to the new economic policy. But few expect a major overhaul. Even though he campaigns for one Malaysia appear on every street and corner.

This is may call a break moment for Malaysia. The country needs to change direction and they need the best brains to do it.

The NEP has become more of a hindrance than help setup by current Prime Minister own father – should be Najib, himself who should be dismantled it.

It require some depth political maneavouring and few here believe that one Malaysia is about to become a reality. — BTU / Aljazeera