What does the body languages of these two former powerful men in the country tell you?

It was taken from Aljazeera footage of recent government event where Najib announced his New Economic Model (NEM).

Bet their acrimonious fights in the last few years have left a lasting scares in their relationship – ie., now they rarely see eyes to eyes not even for a tv camera!

Abdullah was of course Mahathir handpicked successor – which he later regretted. During his tenure as prime minister the former was allegedly reneged on his gentleman promises to later.

Abdullah for example shelved the development of Putrajaya – the double tracking rail-road to Ipoh. But the one that probably irked Mahathir the most was Abdullah inability to follow through the ‘crook bridge’ project to replace the causeway.

That was sort of the turning point in their relationship – from best of buddies to enemy. Mahathir thereafter launched tirade of attacks on Abdullah’s administration which eventually led to his downfall.

In a span of five year – Abdullah’s political fortune turn upside down – from a thumping victory in 2004 – his first general election to humiliating defeat his second in March 2008 general election.

A politically weakened Abdullah was inevitably forced to bear brunt of the blames and paved the way for Najib ascension to power.