A newsletter subscription link at Sarawak Forestry site goes to a dormant website. What's up Sapuan?

Can you names the last research report/s published by Sarawak Forestry? Maybe I’m ignorant – but I’ve seen none.

That’s why I was kinda ‘shocked’ that the department is seeking some RM14mil of your money – taxpayers money to fund its researches, err also for building bridges for the Penans!

“The department (Sarawak Forestry) wants to continue our investment in transportation technologies,” Sarawak Forestry senior assistant director Sapuan Ahmad told The Star.

“Our rural poor, especially the Penan community, need more bridges, for example. These programmes will benefit everyone,”

what sort of transportation technologies the forestry department is investing on?

Secondly, why must Sarawak Forestry department that seek funding to build bridges for Penan community?

Isn’t community project of that nature should be under Rural Ministry – by default should have been part of the RM3billion announced by Najib recently?

Remember, under 9MP (Ninth Malaysia Plan) the department was allocated RM78mil for research activities. It kind of ironic, with so much money – all the department could come up with was a ‘newsletter’.

Even that newsletter were no longer exist! Instead, by clicking the subscribe link at SarawakForestry.com, you’ll be led to a website – dead site – call mediaspectra.com!

Hah! Is that how they spent that RM78 millions of taxpayers money?