Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, MP for Jerlun

Mukhriz wanted the voters in Hulu Selangor to show their ‘thanks’ to his father for what he had done for them.

“If they have sense of appreciations towards Tun, as according to what Zaid Ibrahim had said,” Mukhriz told reporters at the Parliament lobby on Wednesday.

“I agreed they should translate that sense of appreciation by voting for Barisan Nasional candidate in the by-election.

In an interview with Malaysian Insider on Tuesday Zaid said it’s been 18 years and Mahathir had 22 years.

“Enough is enough. How many times was that? It’s been 18 years,” he said and added “It’s like giving Mahathir another chance, for instance. You’ve had 22 years, that’s enough.”