Google map showing governments request for removal or censorship.

Big brother watching. Just like China – Malaysia government made several requests to Google to remove contents and turn over personal information about its users.

According to data posted at Google’s Government request website it receives less than 10 request for removal from Malaysia.

“0% of removal request fully or partially complied with,” the site shows.

The country-by-country breakdown released Tuesday on Google’s Web site marks the first time that the Internet search leader has provided such a detailed look at the censorship and data requests that it gets from regulators, courts and other government agencies.

The figures, for the roughly 100 countries in which it operates, cover the final half of last year and will be updated every six months.

Google posted the numbers nearly a month after it began redirecting search requests to its China-based service. Those requests are now handled in Hong Kong rather than mainland China so Google wouldn’t have to obey the country’s Internet censorship laws.

“Google said details about the censorship demands it got while in mainland China still aren’t being shared because the information is classified as a state secret,” Associated Press reported.