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Bintulu.Org has been under tirade of attacks from SUPP Bintulu chairman Henry Ling and accussed of being the mouthpiece of opposition parties particularly DAP.

The posting of photo showing Sungai Plan road full of potholes at our Facebook page [please Like us] escalating into lengthy exchanges. While we appreciate comments and criticisms – we never condone personal attacks.

Our objective is to highlight issues close to the ‘rakyat’ ordinary people of Bintulu – ie., about good governance, corruptions, social responsibilities.

Unfortunately, perhaps the issues getting into the nerves of certain BN politicians in this oil town. Well, that’s not intentional. As Malay saying goes “siapa makan chilli dia rasa pedas”.

BN politicians also shouldn’t be quick to label bloggers, news sites who are vocal or criticizing them as opposition mouthpiece. There will be time we’ll be allied – as former premier had learnt.