Sungai Plan flats in Kidurong are home to thousands of people.

Telekom Malaysia should properly plan its broadband expansion in Sarawak to minimize existence of overserved and underserved areas.

On Feb 5, TM Sarawak general manager Omar Zaki Mustafa said they have fixed line capacity up to 600,000 but only 260,000 of it been utilized.

“Only 50 per cent of our capacity being utilized at the moment… so any of our customers want to subscribe to Streamyx can get the service immediately,” he said at a seminar in Kuching last February.

With such gaping under utilization one would wonder if TM had in fact, properly plan its expansion?

In Bintulu, for instance – there are pocket of areas still underserved – with no fixed telephones line – no high speed broadband Internet access call streamyx.

Numerous complaints have been lodged with TM and local assemblyman have brought up the matter to the relevant authorities including State Assembly. But the problems still persisted.

A TM customer from Sungai Plan, Kidurong King Kawi said he was disappointed that TM hasn’t do much at solving the problem.

“On Apr 20, 2010 I went to TM Point at Medan Central Commerce Center to inquire about the fixed telephone line at Sg Plan flat area,” King said.

“I was quite disappointed at the reply that I got from that receptionist.The fixed line for Sg. Plan area is still not available and she did not know when it will be installed.

Nearer to the town center and TM Point in Bintulu – at Taman Li Hua, another disappointed TM customer complaint.

Micheal Jok

“I have telephone line in my office but they said there were not enough streamyx ports,” said Micheal Jok.

“It’s been a year, TM still have not provided enough ports for Taman Li Hua residents to connect to the net,” Micheal lamented.

Kidurong state assemblyman, Chew Chin Sing when contacted yesterday clarified that he had brought the matter to attention of state government.

“I’ll brought the matter to ADUN again in next sitting,” he said.

Chiew said apart from Sungai Plan, few more housing areas in Bintulu still without fixed lines.

Our attempts to get TM Bintulu and TM Kuala Lumpur for comments on the matter have not been successful.

Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) earlier this year said its targeting to increase broadband penetration in Sarawak from 17 per cent to 20 per cent by end of 2010.